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Spoilers that come from on-set

I wish that Glee would hire staff specifically to track down the URLs and posting identification information of extras and others who send spoilers from the set and track them down and make them stop it.  And that they’d put up huge, paparazzi-proof fences, not just hedges, around the lot.  And that they’d clarify for their actors and staff the difference between tweeting a hint and giving the game away.

I already know way more about the first two episodes of season three than I wanted to know thanks to extras tweeting photos from various scenes and describing the context, paparazzi printing photos of the cast that either give away or strongly suggest story lines, and actors tweeting too much information.  The finchel kiss was no surprise; everyone knew that was inevitable and the tweet did nothing to reveal the circumstance.  We’d been told via publicly sanctioned media stories about Mercedes’s boyfriend and that he was going to be played by LaMarcus Tinker, and told about Vanessa Lengies coming on as the mean girl Cheerio Sugar Manta, so that info doesn’t really spoil anything.  RIB had already told us when Idina was going to return, so that’s information they want out there. 

But Harry went way too close to the edge the other day with one tweet, and new cast-member Vanessa took it over the edge with one of hers that has subsequently been deleted, and another semi-regular cast member in the band has referred to the spoiler via another tweet (which wouldn’t give anything away on its own absent the context of the other cast tweets).  I’m sure that in Vanessa’s case it happened because she is new, and saw cast members tweeting about all the fun they’d had, and decided to participate as well, but someone should have made clear to her at the outset the difference between teasing and revealing information.  Lea, Jenna, and Naya, for instance, referred to epic and crazy things happening on set w/o hinting at any specifics—that’s the way to tease.

It’s very frustrating for someone who wants to be able to appreciate the story unspoiled, and it’s frustrating me to have to start un-following some of tumblr’s I like the most because the info keeps appearing above cuts or w/o cuts.  I guess it will be interesting to see how many sites are still in my “follow” by the time Sept. 20 rolls around.