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Interview with Dot-Marie Jones.  She talks about many things, including her love for Cory and working on the tribute episode. 

Interviewer asks what it’s like on set for the cast and crew in the wake of Cory’s death.

Dot:  Episode 3 is pretty much dedicated to Cory.  And, it’s like losing a family member, you know?  I, I just got done shooting … I come back in Episode 3 this season, and I just got done shooting it last Friday, and it’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Ever done.  Because, you know, it’s not just written words.  This is real life; this happened.  

So, it just says a lot about what kind of guy he was, because I loved Cory.  I loved him so much, and I loved working with him.  And these last two seasons I’ve gotten to work with him — well, since Day 1 I’ve gotten to work with Cory a lot because of the football team.  And I was so thankful and so glad that I had so many scenes last season where it was just he and I.  

And as far as the cast and crew, everybody involved in this show has been affected because he was a great guy and it was a horrible accident.  So, you’re making me cry.  

Interviewer asks what it is like to be able to use their art to express some of their emotions about Cory and to pay tribute to him.

Dot:  At first when I got the script, I couldn’t — it took me two and a half days to read it, ‘cause I just got too — the whole script is — whoo, it’s — [aside to someone in the room with her] can you get me a kleenex?  I’m sorry, I’m bawling like a little baby.  

The script, like I was saying, was so beautifully written, and there’s so — I don’t know how Brad, Ryan, and Ian wrote this script, but they did a beautiful job, and I think everybody — I don’t know how the kids are going to watch it.  I know my little punkins — that I call my little punkins on Twitter; I love you guys, by the way — it’s going to be a tough show to watch, and I don’t know how I’m going to watch it.  I mean, hell, I could barely read the script.  

And I could barely read the script because it was, like I said, it’s real life.  It may be a fictitious name, but it was our boy.  

And I think it’s been therapeutic, in a way, you know.  I was talking about it, and everyday at work we’d shoot these scenes and then we would sit around and talk about Cory.  And just, God, I think it’s helped me, because I couldn’t talk about it without bawling, and well, now I still get upset, but I think it says a lot.  And everybody at the show, too, is having a really rough time.  

And it really shows what a hell of a guy he was, because if he wasn’t it wouldn’t be that hard, you know?