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Jan 9

REILLY: I don’t want to talk about what’s coming up, but I really like the consistency of the work. I think that the New York concept has worked very well. That’s a high-risk thing to essentially introduce another show within the show and define Glee in a more broad way, and I think it’s worked really well. Cutting back and forth has been seamless, and both worlds having been pretty dynamic. For the most part, I think we’ve heard a lot of good reaction from the fans. I wish we were able to program it more consistently, this Fall. We were on for four weeks, and then we were off for four weeks. That’s a pretty tough way to keep an audience engaged. With that said, creatively, we’ve heard pretty positive things.

- FOX CEO Kevin Reilly, responding to the question “How do you think the dual-universe story is going on Glee, and what is coming up next for the show?”