show them what you're worth


Cory Monteith makes a walk-by appearance on the September 25 episode of The New Normal, 1x04 Obama Mama.

He’s seen on the set of the show Sing, the fictional television show (based on Glee) created by TNN's character Brian Collins (based on Ryan Murphy) standing  in the background as Brian's assistant Rocky (played by NeNe Leakes, who also plays guest star Roz Washington on Glee) and Sing’s costumer discuss a wardrobe choice for Sing actress Clea (based on Glee actress Lea Michele), and then walking in the forefront of the screen as Brian invites Rocky to a party he’s holding at his house.

Shows within shows.  And reasons to watch closely.

Love. It.

And it let us see Cory on our TV screens popping up unexpectedly, even if only for a fleeting moment, while we’ve been longing to see his return on Glee!

Thank you, Mr. Murphy & Ms. Adler! :)